July 31, 2009

Hasta Luego Good Beer Month!

Wednesday nights Good Beer event at BAM was such a good way to say goodbye to Good Beer Month. Besides the enormous amount of delicious beer, there was so much amazing food. The Schnitzel Truck and their yummy crispy schnitzel, Gramercy Tavern's Kielbasa stuffed Pretzels and Palo Santo's Duck Curry with Roti, were some of our favorites. And we also wanted to thank everyone who took the time to have a chat with us. We hope to see you guys/gals in the future. Heres a video of some of the fun:

Bottoms Up! Edible's Good Beer at BAM Brew Event from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

For those of you who were interested in our class on Monday August 3rd at Beer Table, tickets are still on sale, so buy them up! We will also be updating our website sometime next week with more new products, so keep in touch. Thanks everyone!

July 27, 2009

Classes and Stuff

Several people have asked us when we will be teaching classes, well our first class is upon us! Beginning August 3rd, we will be teaching a 2 part brew class.
The first class, August 3rd, we will be covering the process of brewing your wort, which will be a German Weizen, and all the fun things to begin the fermenting process. The second class, on August 17th, will be a lesson on bottling and tasting the final product.If you are interested in joining us for this class you can buy you tickets here or visit the Beer Table website for more information. The tickets will cost $70 for 2 classes and some delicious homebrew.

Also, don't forget to join us for Good Beer at BAM this Wednesday, July 26th. If you have not bought tickets yet and are interested in joining us, send us an Email for a discount code. Drink our homebrew paired with Schnitzel from The Schnitzel Truck. Yum!
Products have been selling fast! We want to thank everyone who has stopped by and picked up a few things. We hope to see you all in the future. We added a bunch of new products to the list, as well as a new fancier equipment kit. We also decided to do a feature yeast on our website. That yeast is the Belgian Saison, which turns out to be a great yeast to use during these hot summer days. So check it out!

July 20, 2009

Website Launch

It's finally time! We decided to make a REAL website. Not only does it have a link to this blog, and also some of the same information, it also has our PRODUCT LIST! Thats right, everything that we finally have for sale, prices and all. So please take a look, check it out, and let us know what you need. And if you are not on our Email list yet, just send us a quick Email, you are not even expected to write anything. So please add www.Brooklyn-Homebrew.com to your bookmarks.

We also wanted to remind everyone that we will be at Good Beer at BAM next wednesday, July 29th. We will be serving homebrew, Grammercy Tavern will also be serving homebrew, and there will be a whole mess of breweries there ( Brooklyn, Southhampton, Kelso, Six Point & many more) as well as alot of delicious food. Your money will benefit Added Value and Just Food. So buy your tickets, then come and say hello to us.

July 16, 2009

Yeast is here!

Hey Everyone! We wanted to let everyone know that our first yeast delivery is here!
So it's time to start cashing in those certificates. Let us know what you would like. We
can bring them to the NYCHG meeting on Tuesday July 21st, you can come and pick
them up, or we can set them aside for when you might like to place an ingredient order.
We will be getting the remainder of our ingredients on Monday July 20th. We will have
grains, hops, malt extract, sugars, sanitizer and lots of equipment. We will likely be
placing an inventory list on Monday night, but if there is anything you are hoping we will
have, let us know and we will set it aside if we have it available. We will currently only
be accepting Certificates and Cash. We will also be offering a prize for the raffle at the
NYCHG meeting this Tuesday. So come on down and participate!
And lastly we wanted to thank Jason of Sustainabrew, for writing a very nice entry about
Brooklyn Homebrew and it's mission to reduce any negative impact we have on the environment. Thanks
for everything everyone!

Wyeast ACTIVATORTM For Beer, 125 ml

Minimum of 100 billion cells, READY TO PITCH; plus an internal nutrient packet.

Designed to inoculate 5 gallons of wort (up to 1.065 SG) providing

the pitching rate recommended by professional brewers. Click on each strain

for a full description.

1007 German Ale

1010 American Wheat

1056 American Ale

1098 British Ale

1099 Whitbread Ale

1272 All-American Ale

1275 Thames Valley Ale

1332 Northwest Ale

1728 Scottish Ale

1968 London ESB Ale

2035 American Lager

2112 California Lager

2308 Munich Lager

1214 Belgian Ale

1762 Belgian Abbey Ale II

3522 Belgian Ardennes

3724 Belgian Saison

3942 Belgian Wheat

3944 Belgian Witbier

3056 Bavarian Wheat Blend

3068 Weihenstephan Weizen

3333 German Wheat

3638 Bavarian Wheat

Wyeast Nutrient for Beer and Wine, 1.5 oz tubes

For rapid and complete fermentation. Contains vitamins,

minerals, inorganic nitrogen (DAP), organic nitrogen (amino acids),

zinc, phosphates, and other trace elements.

$2.00 each

July 11, 2009

Finally an update!

We apologize for the long delay in updates! We have been selling a lot of certificates and have all of you to thank for that. We have been working really hard and as fast as possible to give you the storefront you have been dreaming of.
If working in professional kitchens has taught us anything it's that if you want the best final product, you need the best ingredients AND equipment. So this week we received our JSP MaltMill and it's as beautiful as we hoped, "Jack Schmidling from Chicago designed and markets a two roller mill that turns out textbook quality milled grain in minutes. If you're a serious brewer have your grain professionally milled or better yet buy the MALTMILL.".

We also wanted to give everybody at the Malted Barley Appreciation Society a big thanks! Especially Alan Rice for having us, and Brian Ewing and his wife from 12 Percent Imports. Brian brought some amazing Belgian beers to try, with hefty pours, and we hope to work with him in the near future.

Brooklyn Homebrew also had a small feature on TimeOut NY this week! We are overwhelmed by everyones support. Thank you all so very much. We promise to keep working as hard as we can and we hope to be the first choice for all of your homebrewing needs.

P.S. Certificates are still on sale! But not for much longer...