August 22, 2010

Brooklyn Wort Season 1

Congratulations to all the winners! And a big thanks to all the brewers who participated, all of the guest who attended, the judges & sponsors, and most of all to the owners and staff of Sycamore. It was a blast!

Quaffing homebrew.

Deliberations at the judges' table.

Greg Doroski - "Wry Saison" - Rye Saison
1st Place - Judges' Choice

Clinton Stauffer - "Wallonian Summer" - Farmhouse Ale
2nd Place - Judges' Choice

Brad Hillman - "Suspicious Package" - Dark Farmhouse Sour Ale
3rd Place - Judges' Choice

Jonathan Moxey - "Electric Blanket Saison" - Saison
1st Place - Peoples' Choice

Christopher Pagnotta - "Rager's Revenge IPA" - IPA
2nd Place - Peoples' Choice

David Elder - "Spur of the Moment No. 1" - American Amber
3rd Place - Peoples' Choice

All the Votes are in......... let's do this again!