January 26, 2010

Triumph and sorrow......

Thanks for a fantastic first week. We were busier than we ever imagined!
For the poor souls that came on Sunday, we are truly sorry that we were picked clean.
We expect to be restocked on just about everything this coming week.
Don't forget to turn in your entries for Homebrew Alley 4. Judging is this coming Sunday the 31st.
We should have our own sign soon, instead of the old sign. We also have flaked barley, and peat-smoked malt on the way. We will have two new varieties of Stumptown coffee beans as of Tuesday. And in case you haven't heard the news, Wyeast #3711 French Saison yeast is now a permanent part of their lineup, as well as the #1450 Denny's Favorite and the #3763 Roeselare Blend, and are now available year round.
Also, we will soon have a few select varieties of White Labs pitch-able yeast vials... Such as the so-called Charlie Papazian yeast blend "Cry Havoc." Which can be used for lagers as well as ales, depending on your fermentation temperature, as well as the California Ale Yeast. we want to see how these babies are going to sell before we order more, so come and get em while there hot.
Thanks and come again soon.

January 19, 2010

We are Open!

Today at noon, we officially open for business at our new (and fantastic) location, 163 8th St. (Brooklyn, NY 11215, near the corner of 3rd Ave). We have not yet put up a new awning.... So we apologize for the confusion. We still have the old sign up from the Karate studio. We hope to have the new sign soon.
We also have a new phone number, 718-369-0776, and email address, Brooklynhomebrew@me.com.

We have doubled our grain selection, lowered some prices, increased our hop selection and supply (so we don't run out as often), added more spices & equipment, and we now have honey and Stumptown Coffee beans too!

We ARE SO SORRY! Yellow Truck (frieght company) lost our entire order somewhere in Ohio. So we are going to be very low (if not completely sold out) on LIQUID and DRY MALT EXTRACTS this first weekend. We are very embarrassed, and upset. It will limit how many partial-mash ingredient kits we will have in stock.

We haven't had a chance to updated the products on our web-catalog yet, sorry. So just come by and check it out. There is no need to call-in or email us your order anymore, (unless you would like to of course), just come by anytime during our normal hours. Tuesday-Saturday, 12pm-7pm & Sunday, 12pm - 6pm.

Thanks everyone!

January 6, 2010

Finish Line

We are so close to completion! Its hard to believe that we have made such a transformation in only two weeks. Though it has primarily been just Danielle and I working on the space, we do have to thank some friends that have helped a great deal.
Nick, Mark, Kevin, Dave, Jacky, Lucas, and Geraldine. We appreciate all of your support. And of course all of our customers too. We are so sorry that we have denied you your brewing necessities for the past week, and we have been away from our phone. But I think you'll find that it has been worth the wait. Thanks everyone, hope to see you Tuesday, and well into the future.
Things are going great so far! We have one more weekend at the old space and then Monday we move everything into the new one! We hope everyone is as excited as we are. Our projected reopening is still Tuesday January 19th, and so far everything is taking about as long as we planned. We will be having a special promotion for everyone who comes to see us and purchases at least $10 worth of goods on our opening day, 5% off everything you buy and a free gift for the first 50 customers!

We got our giant freezer (allowing us to double our hop selection), our grain bins (allowing us to double our grains), and a whole mess of other goodies on the way. We will proudly be carrying Stumptown Coffee, honey and more spices. We even made cotton tote bags with our name on them! It's like were playing ball in the big leagues. We can't wait for everyone to check us out.

On another note, we wanted to remind everyone about the upcoming beer competition Homebrew Alley. It's sponsored by the NYCHG and there will be hundreds of dollars worth of
prizes. It will be held on January 31st at Chelsea Brewing Company, whom will also be choosing there favorite beer to be brewed right there at the brewery. Everyone should enter if they have something that they believe is delicious. So on the way to the next Homebrewers guild meeting, drop off a few of your brews at Jimmy's. They are a drop off point and they are also offering something special for everyone who drops off there entries.

Thanks for the support, we'll be seeing you around!