January 26, 2010

Triumph and sorrow......

Thanks for a fantastic first week. We were busier than we ever imagined!
For the poor souls that came on Sunday, we are truly sorry that we were picked clean.
We expect to be restocked on just about everything this coming week.
Don't forget to turn in your entries for Homebrew Alley 4. Judging is this coming Sunday the 31st.
We should have our own sign soon, instead of the old sign. We also have flaked barley, and peat-smoked malt on the way. We will have two new varieties of Stumptown coffee beans as of Tuesday. And in case you haven't heard the news, Wyeast #3711 French Saison yeast is now a permanent part of their lineup, as well as the #1450 Denny's Favorite and the #3763 Roeselare Blend, and are now available year round.
Also, we will soon have a few select varieties of White Labs pitch-able yeast vials... Such as the so-called Charlie Papazian yeast blend "Cry Havoc." Which can be used for lagers as well as ales, depending on your fermentation temperature, as well as the California Ale Yeast. we want to see how these babies are going to sell before we order more, so come and get em while there hot.
Thanks and come again soon.