August 30, 2009

Fresh Brooklyn Grown Hops

We just wanted to thank one of our customers for bringing us these beautiful Cascade hops, that he grew in his backyard right here in Brooklyn. We love presents!
Thanks again Matt.

So next spring we should all consider planting a small hop crop in our yards, if you have a yard that is (we know that we don't). One plant can produce enough to keep one brewer supplied all year long. Unless you happen to be a very prolific homebrewer. Then you may need several plants.
Hey everyone! We want to thank all of our customers for getting us off to a great start, and helping us to grow quickly. If you homebrewers keep multiplying, we'll have that store up and running in no time. Thanks for all the support!


Matt Hendry said...

Hops in Containers is the Answer to those without a yard .

sports handicapping services said...

did not know this plant, really every day we learn something new, thanks