May 11, 2010

Now I can't write about anything.....

Introducing the Brooklyn Wort! A competition that we announced roughly 3 days ago and has already SOLD OUT!

We apologize for the people who haven't heard about it yet, but we truly did not expect this kind of response. It's AWESOME! So even though nobody else can enter to win $1000, you can still go to the event and get drunk on 20 delicious homebrews. Tickets are set to go on sale June 1st, so mark your calendar and get the tickets before they sell out! Hopefully we will be able to add on a few more competitions in the future!

In not so great news, last years hop harvest is already beginning to get light, mainly on whole leaf hops. So many of those great whole leaf hops you have all fallen in love with (Citra....) will likely be sold out by next week and done until this years harvest.

In better news, our hops out front are looking quite nice! Please come and see them soon....

We will be taking a few days off this summer, which we will announce shortly. You can also expect to see maybe a new face or 2 around here helping us out shortly. Be nice to the newbies!

Currently we have been brewing a massive amount, trying so hard to catch up from our moving hiatus! Expect to see us with several versions of a Saison, a few Weizens, another Bohemian Lager and our first attempt at Mead w/ our delicious Orange Blossom Honey!

Speaking of Honey.... we finally have some amazing LOCAL honey! And its raw! They are in 17 oz jars and 5 lb jars!

The meeting of the Brooklyn Rot this month was a blast! We had TONS of beer, cheeses, pickled diakon, pickled mango and a very delicious carrot kombucha. We hope it continues to grow, because it has been a blast so far!

For those of you who will be out and about this Sunday, Park Slope will be having it's annual 5th ave. fair and you can come and find us there. We will be next to the Bierkraft Beer Booth selling all kinds of weirdo gadgets and stuff you have never seen before at the store. See you guys around!

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