November 18, 2009

Through the Looking Glass in 2 Pints or Less. Or... What's Wrong with My Camera?

I had one of the most unique beers of my life yesterday. I wish I could remember what it was called, but it clouded my mind and judgement too much. Oh well. I'm sure you have all had similar experiences at some point in your lives.
In completely unrelated news, I have a new camera that I was trying to get the hang of..... on the way home from Wonderland (Manhattan) last night. Since I have no content of much value to put into this post, I thought I would just post some random photos. I have been old fashioned and stubborn..... slow to fully accept and embrace digital photography. But I must say that I have changed my mind. I am finally able to appreciate the "fruits of progress."
*Warning!- These photos are entirely unimpressive unless they are viewed through absinthe-colored glasses .

We hope to have some good news to report after Thanksgiving. We wish everyone a great holiday next week!
And just a reminder, we are Closed Tuesday Nov. 24 , through Friday Nov. 27
We will be open on Saturday and Sunday following Thanksgiving.

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