December 2, 2009

So much to talk about.... and so little time....

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We have oodles of fantastic news! First up, we have found our space, signed our lease and plan on beginning our big move January 1st. It is the exact location we have been wanting this whole time, in the Gowanus, so we are extremely excited. Please keep in mind that we are still here for the entire month of December! So come on down and help us make our transition into the larger space a smooth one. We will have more information about the move as we get closer to the date, but we will definitely be having a party, with lots of beer, homebrew to be exact, stay tuned.....

As you all know Christmas is suddenly right around the corner. We have a new kit for anyone who would love to splurge on a gift for there loved one. It is called the Quintessential. It literally includes everything you will need for years of homebrewing success, a wort chiller, a boil pot, and lots more, all for $265 (what a deal!). And if you are just looking for a gift certificate for that special someone, we have them available on the front page of our website for $25, $50, $100 and $200.

Lots of people have also been asking about classes. Our next class is going to be on January 28th, at the Whole Foods Bowery location in the culinary center. Keep an eye out on there calender to see when tickets go on sale.

Some more fun news.... Justin and Tricia at Beer Table have been throwing around the idea of a South Brooklyn Homebrew club for a little while. A lot of you have been asking us if it could ever happen... and it looks like it will. The first Homebrew Workshop will be at Beer Table, Monday December 28th at 9pm (free), and this will likely be a monthly occurrence, with a professional on hand to answer questions. So grab your homebrew and we will see you there. Beer Table is also taking requests if anyone is looking for bottles, you can pick them up at the meeting (the bottles are awesome by the way), so shoot them an Email if your interested.

We are currently taking requests for things you would like us to carry in our new space. We are making our very own wish list which includes doubling our grain variety, finally carrying coffee and honey, and also expanding our spice selection (along with lots more equipment). We are taking a hiatus on adding any new products after this week but we are finally carrying Briess C-80 (crystal malt) and Oxygenation systems. We look forward to seeing everyone at the new space and we will be in touch!

P.S. Come see the lighting of the bottle tree this weekend!

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Unknown said...

Walked past what I think is your space a couple of days looks perfect. Great location and great windows. Good choice you guys.