June 27, 2009

We are getting closer every day!

Check back soon. We will have some grain malts, hops, yeast, malt extract, equipment kits, and an assortment of other necessities for sale before the end of the month! And don't forget, July is Good Beer Month, so be sure to enjoy some good beer. Not that we need to twist your arm......

0 certificates remaining! Thanks Everyone!

We have a special offer that is mutually beneficial to you, the homebrewers, and to us. You get up to $20.00 in FREE homebrewing supplies when you buy either a $40.oo or an $80.00 certificate. And we get to start doing business that much sooner! Yes, there is a catch. You have to wait until we officially open to use the certificate, but the quicker we sell 200 (or the equivalent) of these certificate, the quicker we can open this store front for you to start shopping!
Best of all we guarantee the certificate for a full refund of the purchase price if for some reason we do not open for business at all by 06/01/2010. But that won't happen will it? Because you all want us to open next month, right?!
The certificates have no cash value and can only be redeemed at Brooklyn Homebrew. Depending on which certificate you choose, each one only costs you $40.00 or $80.00 but will be good for $50.oo-$100.oo respectively worth of homebrewing equipment, ingredients, books, honey, or coffee.
PayPal is free for you to use and gives you a receipt via e-mail. When you pay for your voucher, we will just need to know if you would prefer a printable certificate sent by e-mail or a voucher sent to you via traditional mail. If you forget, we will just automatically e-mail it to you. Then just print your certificate from the attachment. The BUY NOW buttons are to the right of this post.
This program is so important to our success. I know it requires you to put a great deal of trust in two strangers, but you won't regret your decision. Tell as many people as you know who may be interested! You all can help us get the word out about this special offer. This is a great deal but it won't last forever. Buy as many as you want, they will NEVER expire. Tell your loved ones too so they can buy you a few Homebrew Bucks as a gift! This idea was suggested by some of you homebrewers so now its time to put it to the test.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to e-mail us at brooklynhomebrew@gmail.com
Thanks everyone!

Our Mission

Brooklyn Homebrew’s mission is to provide all of New York City’s Homebrewers with a retail store that offers a wide range of the freshest hops, yeast, grain malts, malt extracts, honeys, and spices available. In addition, we strive to offer all of the necessary equipment for both the novice homebrewer and the experienced professionals. Brooklyn Homebrew will introduce and educate a new generation of people to brewing beer at home. We will establish an ongoing dialogue with our customers in an effort to better serve them and assure a high rate of repeat business. Most importantly, we will strive to make the establishment as environmentally friendly as possible, acknowledging the importance of reducing our carbon footprint as well as reducing waste and water consumption.


Jacky Jazzowl said...

yay! genius plan!

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